(will write for you)


Hi! I’m Laura. I’m a freelance & fiction writer and world wanderer. I have a lot of hobbies. 

I write short stories and and creative non-fiction. I run the popular tumblr tweexcore. I’m interested in travel, aesthetics, storytelling, books, culture, strangers, and so much more. 

I graduated cum laude from NYU with a BA in English and a minor in Creative Writing.

I recently returned from seven-months backpacking in South America, and am planning my next big adventure. 

say hello: tweexcore (at) gmail (dot) com

get social:  twitter / linkedin / goodreads / last.fm / tumblr

photography: flickr / instagram / 100 strangers 

If you’re curious about where I was the last seven months, here’s a map!

(Not including day trips, short visits, and sleepy border towns)